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Home and Contents policy cover when renovating/extending!

Home and Contents Insurance is designed to cover an existing home against damage, loss or burglary. It is not designed as construction insurance. Home and contents insurance policies will, usually, cover the homeowner for a limited amount of renovation work.… Continue Reading…

Owner Builder Study Guide and Insurance

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Defective Imported Building Products

What to watch for when building your home, read on! The increasing prevalence of leaky, toxic and downright dangerous buildings has put defective building products in the spotlight in Australia and New Zealand recently. Below-standard plasterboard, inflammable exterior cladding material,… Continue Reading…

Commercial Structural Defects Insurance

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Poor developments on the rise!

A street pole that blocks garage access to a new house in suburban Adelaide is a “cracking example of very low-quality infill development”, a councillor has said. West Torrens councillor John Woodward said council approved a housing plan that split… Continue Reading…

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Employees, subcontractors and contractors

Wake up call to all builders and owner builders, in the event of an accident onsite and how the court apportioned the percentage of liability. Please read. Article by Vidal Hockless and Sophie Nauwelaers, Kott Gunning CASE SUMMARY: COOTE V TERRY’S CRANE HIRE &… Continue Reading…

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How to Diagnose and Eradicate Water Hammer

Water hammer is a fairly common occurrence in residential properties. What a lot of homeowners don’t realise is that banging or thumping water lines in your walls is a potentially serious issue, not just a simple annoyance. At the very… Continue Reading…


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Termites – An Important Message!

A message for Owner Builder and Home Owners from the Victorian Building Authority on Termites. When building or owner building your home you need to be aware of termites and the problems they can cause. Victorian Building Authority CEO Prue… Continue Reading…

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What to watch out for when purchasing a home or apartment!

Original article on The Age  Melbourne’s surging population in recent years has had a number of ramifications. The impact is being felt on the transport and health systems, and the transformation of the city skyline through at times short-sighted development.… Continue Reading…

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The Uninsured Handyman: A risky venture that’s not worth the gamble

If you turn on the telly these days, it’s plain to see that DIY home improvements are all the rage across Australia. But contrary to what reality shows would have you believe, not everyone is born with natural do-it-yourself abilities.… Continue Reading…

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What is Construction Insurance & What Does it Cover?

Article by Insurance and Risk Construction insurance is a complex beast, capable of rocking the foundations of myriad projects, whether it’s run by an owner/builder, SME or multi-million dollar company. But with knowledge comes power – brokers who take the… Continue Reading…

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How to choose a Building Surveyor

Under new changes to the Victorian Building Act, you ht home owner are now required to choose your Building Surveyor…NOT the Builder. What do they do? A Building Surveyor is a registered building professional who is responsible for ensuring the… Continue Reading…