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What insurance is out there to protect me? Structural Defects Insurance

Builders constantly asked us this question, as they are very concerned that if a Structural Defect occurs in 5,8,10 years after completion of the project and they may have retired, they will be sued!! 10-year Latent (Structural) Defects Insurance answers… Continue Reading…

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Why your Builder needs to offer Latent Defects Insurance!

Has Your Builder Offered Latent Defects Insurance to protect you if a structural defect occurs in the next 10 years? Building or renovating or extending your home is a big investment, but what protection do you have if a structural… Continue Reading…

Home Renovation - cracks

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Home Renovating Insurance – Don’t Chance It!

Home Renovation Insurance is becoming more and more popular. Now that home prices are coming down, people are more reluctant to sell so instead of moving they are more inclined to renovate, especially where the home may be over 30… Continue Reading…

Benefits of Policy

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The 7+ benefits that makes our insurance different!

The 7+ benefits that makes our insurance different! All Construction and Public Liability insurance policies are NOT the same because the owner builder market is small, most insurers issue a builders policy covering under ground works,piling,maintenance etc, which you cannot… Continue Reading…

Owner Builder Study Guide and Insurance

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Defective Imported Building Products

What to watch for when building your home, read on! The increasing prevalence of leaky, toxic and downright dangerous buildings has put defective building products in the spotlight in Australia and New Zealand recently. Below-standard plasterboard, inflammable exterior cladding material,… Continue Reading…

Home warranty

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What is Home Warranty Insurance?

Can be called a number of different names, Residential Home Warranty, Home Indemnity, Home Owners Warranty, Domestic Building Insurance…. Whatever the phrase used, Home Warranty insurance is for the benefit of the purchaser. Whether the home/renovation/extension is built by an… Continue Reading…

employees subcontractors

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Employees, subcontractors and contractors

Wake up call to all builders and owner builders, in the event of an accident onsite and how the court apportioned the percentage of liability. Please read. Article by Vidal Hockless and Sophie Nauwelaers, Kott Gunning CASE SUMMARY: COOTE V TERRY’S CRANE HIRE &… Continue Reading…

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What to watch out for when purchasing a home or apartment!

Original article on The Age  Melbourne’s surging population in recent years has had a number of ramifications. The impact is being felt on the transport and health systems, and the transformation of the city skyline through at times short-sighted development.… Continue Reading…

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The Uninsured Handyman: A risky venture that’s not worth the gamble

If you turn on the telly these days, it’s plain to see that DIY home improvements are all the rage across Australia. But contrary to what reality shows would have you believe, not everyone is born with natural do-it-yourself abilities.… Continue Reading…

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3 Vital questions you MUST ask your builder before renovating!

Its great, you are about to start, the renovation is going to look great, BUT…….. Is your home insured? Sure, the builder has insurance & you have home and contents insurance BUT are you insured while the renovation is being… Continue Reading…