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Home Improvement Loans

What to watch out for. An American term that has now reached Australia, it is really a renovation loan not tied to the home mortgage. As generally there is no collateral attached to the loan, the interest rate is higher… Continue Reading…

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Are you building through the Bushfire Season?

Make sure you have Construction and Liability Insurance and that you have not underinsured. 40% of people who claimed their Policy from the bushfires of last summer were in fact underinsured. On top of this, we were inundated with calls… Continue Reading…

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Building or Renovating?

Owner Builders are you fully covered? Protected? Insured? Bushfires focus a lot of attention on whether owner builders have adequate or even have Construction and Public Liability insurance in place.  During the latest summer bushfires, we were inundated with calls from owner… Continue Reading…

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Home Indemnity Insurance WA

Are Owner Builders required to obtain Ministerial Exemption if they wish to sell their home within the first 3 years? Owner Builders – No Registered Builders – Yes Owner-builders are responsible for the building work carried out for a minimum… Continue Reading…

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How to Effectively Resolve Building Disputes

A building disputes can be a stressful event for both the builder and homeowner. When it gets worse, it could be emotionally and financially draining for both parties. Solving your building disputes effectively will prevent your problem from escalating to… Continue Reading…

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Tour de Cure – Community Partner

As clients of BuildSafe Insurance Brokers, you allow us the opportunity to invest invest back into local communities and partner with great community organisations and charitable events. For the consecutive third year, we are supporting Lindsay and the Peter MacCallum… Continue Reading…


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Fire into Bushfires…Be Prepared this season

Fire into Bushfires! In our series on Fire and the precautions required now that summer has arrived. This great article on Bushfire Preparedness by Zurich Insurance highlights. Don’t forget, if you are Owner Building, renovating, extending that you have Construction… Continue Reading…

Benefits of Policy

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The 7+ benefits that makes our insurance different!

The 7+ benefits that makes our insurance different! All Construction and Public Liability insurance policies are NOT the same because the owner builder market is small, most insurers issue a builders policy covering under ground works,piling,maintenance etc, which you cannot… Continue Reading…

What Insurance do you need when Renovating

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What Insurance do you need when Renovating?

While everyone wants the perfect job, renovations cost money & homeowners need to make sure that they are fully covered while their home is being renovated. The T.V Shows on renovating gives the impression that anyone can do it successfully,… Continue Reading…

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Adjoining Property Protection

Adjoining Property Protection. As everyone is becoming more risk adverse, building surveyors are requiring owner builders to provide an insurance policy verifying protection of neighbour’s property. If building work is close to, or adjacent to adjoining property boundaries, then an… Continue Reading…