Commercial Owner Builders – Construction and Public Liability

Commercial Owner Builders – Construction and Public Liability

Commercial Owner Builders – Construction and Public Liability

Construction & Public Liability protects you against accidental or damage caused by negligence or unforeseen circumstances.
You may be thinking, or about to start a factory, fit out or office renovation as an Owner Builder.

The benefits of being a Commercial Owner Builder can include many advantages, you oversee and control the Project, you pick and choose your trades. Commercial Builder fees are removed which can often be 15-20% on top of your trades and cash flow can be easier to manage.

Having decided that you can do the job to save money, now you need to protect your future investment from an unforeseen event: e.g.: fire, theft, malicious damage and Public Liability Claims that would have a serious effect on your livelihood if you were to be sued for hundreds and thousands of dollars if someone is injured on your building site caused by your negligence.

Commercial Owner Builder Construction and Public Liability Insurance can cover risks you may encounter during the building or renovating process including fire, storm, wind and water damage, theft and malicious damage and Public Liability.

Typical Situation

You have decided to owner build to save money on a renovation in your office/factory. What insurance do I need, as I have a business pack policy in place.

Business Pack is a policy that generally covers you for property damage (not renovation) theft, business interruption public liability (related to your business not the renovations).

Commercial Owner Builder Construction and Public Liability Policy is there to cover you for theft (building materials), storm or water damage, fire, vandalism, and public liability. If someone is injured or the property is damaged as a direct result of the work, this should cover associated costs.

Action Point

Now that you have decided to proceed, contact our office to obtain a quote based on the size and cost of the project. Give us a call on 1300 763 016 or

Be aware that insurers will want detailed information prior to making a decision to insure your project.

Why choose BuildSafe?

To obtain Construction and Public Liability insurance for Commercial Owner Builders is a specialist task for Buildsafe and is not an off the shelf process as a residential owner builder insurance can be.

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