When do you need to get a Building Permit in Victoria? Part B

To reiterate, if the work value (Builders Price) is above a certain value then the Home and Contents Insurer, Will NOT continue to insure your home and contents during construction, you have now become an owner builder and are required to obtain Owner Builder Construction and Public Liability Insurance.

  1. Pergola’s are exempt if they are of an open structure that is unroofed but have an open weave permeable material roofing
    • No more than 3m height
    • Floor area not exceeding 202
  2. Fences (Non-Pool) are exempt if
    • Not more than 2m in height
    • Dependent on the materials used and the position in regard to the street.
  3. Decks and Verandas A building permit is required when attached to a house, pool irrespective of size, also when part of the amenity to a building .

Please Note: for a complete description of when a building permit is required

To find out more, please read the Building Practice Note BP- OI here

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