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When do you need to get a Building Permit in Victoria? Part B

To reiterate, if the work value (Builders Price) is above a certain value then the Home and Contents Insurer, Will NOT continue to insure your home and contents during construction, you have now become an owner builder and are required… Continue Reading…

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When do you need to get a Building Permit in Victoria? Part A

Owners who have decided to add a Deck, Pergola, Shed, Garage, small alterations, pools, fencing, etc, want to maintain, that because the works are of a maintenance or repair nature, a permit is not required. This is not necessarily the… Continue Reading…

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WA Home Buyers – GOOD NEWS!

Good news for WA Home Buyers, the WA Government has increased the size of the potential Indemnity payout from $100k to $200K for purchasers in the event of defective works when the Owner Builder has died, disappeared, or become insolvent.… Continue Reading…

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Home Improvement Loans

What to watch out for. An American term that has now reached Australia, it is really a renovation loan not tied to the home mortgage. As generally there is no collateral attached to the loan, the interest rate is higher… Continue Reading…

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Does home insurance cover renovations?

What about contents? Who arranges insurance for pre-existing property which is part of the home that is not being touched by the renovation? For example: walls could be replastered but the structure is pre-existing during building works? This is a question regularly… Continue Reading…

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D.I.Y Renovators – Danger Danger Danger

Renovating looks easy on T.V. but the risks associated with renovating especially if you are not using a builder or Owner building and therefore are not required to obtain a building permit, can be hidden but can end up costing… Continue Reading…

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Owner builders are in the same position if they fail to take out a signed contract with a registered builder

It’s surprisingly common for home owners to engage builders to undertake domestic building works without that arrangement being supported by a written building contract. Sometimes the only documentary support is a written quotation, which may not be compliant. Home owners… Continue Reading…

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Are you building through the Bushfire Season?

Make sure you have Construction and Liability Insurance and that you have not underinsured. 40% of people who claimed their Policy from the bushfires of last summer were in fact underinsured. On top of this, we were inundated with calls… Continue Reading…

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Another bushfire season is approaching- be prepared

Large parts of NSW west of the Great Dividing Range, along with grassland areas in the ACT and north-eastern Victoria face above normal fire conditions this coming summer, according to a new weather outlook released today. Some southern areas in… Continue Reading…

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Building or Renovating?

Owner Builders are you fully covered? Protected? Insured? Bushfires focus a lot of attention on whether owner builders have adequate or even have Construction and Public Liability insurance in place.  During the latest summer bushfires, we were inundated with calls from owner… Continue Reading…