Builders Warranty Insurance – VIC

Builders Warranty Insurance Victoria

Builders Warranty Insurance Victoria

(Domestic Building Insurance)

In Victoria, Builders Warranty Insurance is a type of insurance designed to protect homeowners from potential financial losses and defects in residential construction projects. This insurance is often referred to as Domestic Building Insurance (DBI) or Home Warranty Insurance. The purpose of builder’s warranty insurance is to provide coverage in the event that the builder becomes insolvent, dies, disappears, or fails to rectify defects in the construction.  Builders in Victoria must meet certain criteria and be registered to be eligible to provide domestic building insurance. The eligibility criteria and registration process may vary over time, so it’s important for builders to keep up with the latest requirements.   In Victoria, it is mandatory for builders to provide a warranty insurance policy for domestic building work projects that exceed the $16,000 threshold. 

What’s included in the Policy:

Domestic Building Insurance primarily covers:

Structural Defects: Domestic building insurance typically covers structural defects in newly constructed or renovated residential buildings. This includes issues with the load-bearing components of the building, such as the foundation, walls, roof, and structural framing.

Incomplete or Defective Work: It may cover the cost of rectifying incomplete or defective building work, including issues with plumbing, electrical systems, and other critical building components.

Non-Completion of Work: If a builder fails to complete the contracted work, Domestic Building Insurance Insurance may provide coverage for completing the construction or rectifying any incomplete portions.

Loss of Deposit: In some cases, the insurance might cover the loss of a deposit paid to the builder if the builder becomes insolvent or otherwise unable to complete the project.

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