Builders Commercial Structural Defects Insurance

Builders Commercial Structural Defects Insurance

Builders Commercial Structural Defects Insurance

Builders Structural Defects is available to Victorian Commercial Builders.

Commercial Defects Insurance is a valuable safeguard that shields you from structural imperfections that may arise in a completed commercial building project.

This comprehensive policy offers Annual Coverage, with premiums tailored to the extent of structural work involved in your commercial project. It encompasses legal liability, addressing claims brought against the builder during the insurance period for acts, errors, or omissions that lead to structural defects post-completion.

Commercial Defects Insurance extends indemnity up to the chosen liability limit, commencing at $1,000,000. Under this policy, you are responsible for the initial 2% of the contract value or a minimum of $10,000, for each and every claim.

What’s included in the Policy:

The premium calculation is based on the structural work performed by the builder, which is defined as:

– All internal and external load-bearing structures essential for the stability and strength of the building, including foundations, floors, walls, roofs, columns, and beams.

– All other components comprising external walls and roofing, excluding weatherproofing elements not designed to enhance the building’s strength or support, as well as movable features like external windows, doors, and skylights.

In the same vein, a structural defect is defined as any flaw in the structural elements that compromises the stability or strength of the building or any of its components, stemming from defective design, poor workmanship, or substandard materials. Such a defect is characterized by:

– Triggering regulatory authorities to close or prohibit the building’s use or any of its parts.

– Hindering the continued practical use of the building or any part.

– Resulting in the destruction of the building or causing physical damage.

– Posing an imminent collapse threat, which could reasonably be expected to lead to destruction or physical damage to the building or its parts.

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Obtaining Commercial Defects Insurance is a straightforward process – just that many Insurance companies make it hard for the Builder. Not so at BuildSafe Insurance Brokers. We’ll help and get our hands dirty.


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