Voluntary Workers Insurance

Voluntary Workers

Voluntary Workers Insurance

BuildSafe’s Specialised Voluntary Workers Accident Policy is specifically for Owner Builders. The Voluntary Workers Accident Insurance Policy covers volunteers performing unpaid work on the construction site including the Owner Builder and declared spouse.

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Every year, 15 Victorians are killed and at least 2,000 are seriously injured carrying out Do-it-yourself (DIY) work. The home, yard and garden are the sites of 30% of all emergency department presentations for injury due to Victorian adults. Evidence suggests that home injuries result in more lost days from work than workplace injuries.
Men are much more likely to be injured undertaking DIY tasks than women, in the ratio of 4:1. Adults aged 25-34 years are the highest risk group for DIY injury.

ACCIDENT RESEARCH CENTRE – MONASH UNIVERSITY $495 is a small price to pay to protect you, your friends and relatives.


Volunteers are a great source of assistance but as they do not receive payment or wages, they are not covered by Workers Compensation Insurance!



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No, Volunteers are not eligible for Workers Compensation. This policy ensures their protection against financial loss if an injury occurs whilst performing voluntary work. In general an owner builder who is building or renovating their own private dwelling or through the use of various building contractors will have limited involvement with workplace safety laws.

A construction and public liability policy only cover third parties affected by the worksite, either innocent parties with no involvement with the project or contractors engaged to work on site for remuneration.

No, this is because in most instances, owner builders do not directly employ anyone and are not deemed to be an employer as defined by the Occupational Health and Safety Act. This means friends or relatives helping out with your project, without payment (e.g. volunteers) are not protected under the Occupational Health and Safety Act.

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