When do you need to get a Building Permit in Victoria? Part A

Owners who have decided to add a Deck, Pergola, Shed, Garage, small alterations, pools, fencing, etc, want to maintain, that because the works are of a maintenance or repair nature, a permit is not required.

This is not necessarily the case so we will outline when a permit is not required.

Also, very importantly, your Home and Content insurer will access the value of work done as if by a registered builder to see whether it is above their work value.

E.g., work done $75,000 indemnity limit $50,000 – you don’t have insurance on your home during the renovation work, plus must ensure the work complies with local government Statutory requirements.

For example, AAMI list your responsibilities ensure that the building complies with local council requirements and building laws and regulations when construction ,alterations or repairs are undertaken (e.g., ensure you obtain all building permits before the works begin and ensure that all requirements including height limits are met).

And if you don’t ‘ Your policy may not provide cover if you have not met your responsibilities and it may lead us to reduce or refuse to pay your claim and/or cancel your policy

In part A, we look at

a) Construction of a free-standing Class 10a Building ,e.g., carport, shed. They are exempt providing, floor area does not exceed 10m2 and is not more than 3m in height, siting construction materials will be considered.

b) Alterations and /or Repair, renewal, and maintenance is exempt providing the work does not affect the structural soundness of the building and does not include,

  • Increase or decrease the floor area or height.
  • Underpinning or replacement of footings.
  • Removal or alteration of an element supporting another element of the building.

This outline is not comprehensive and attached to Part B we will provide the Victoria Building Authority guidelines.

If you are unsure, ask your local council or Building Surveyor.

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