Forcible and Violent entry: What does it mean?

Owner Builders like, tradespeople are all too often victims of theft, given their work on unsecure building sites with expensive tools.  
While many insure their tools, it’s essential to understand how ‘forcible and violent entry’ works in the event of a theft and subsequent claim. Here at BuildSafe, we explore why some claims are successful and some are not with its provider. 

If tools left in the open air are stolen, our policy may not respond because there was no forcible and violent entry to a locked vehicle, building, shed or container. The cover requires evidence of violence, such as a smashed window or broken lock. 

As a result, policyholders need to take steps to secure their insured assets. This may mean garaging vehicles and ensuring the garage is locked. It’s also important for employees to understand this responsibility. 
It’s also essential brokers educate clients about the need to report all thefts to police, regardless of the value of the stolen goods, as soon as they become aware of the crime. If the insured party gets a copy of the report and submits this from the outset, it will speed up the claim settlement process. 
Proof of ownership is another important aspect of having a claim settled quickly. While people may not have receipts for hand tools they have owned for many years, it’s a good idea to photograph everything to assist the claims process. 
Here are some examples of claims that may be paid: 

  • If a break in happens at a job site overnight and a locked container at the site is broken into and tools stolen. The claim may be paid due to forcible and violent entry. 
  • If tools are locked in a building on a site and the thief breaks a window and gains access to them. The claim may be paid due to evidence of forcible and violent entry. 

In contrast, the insurer may not pay out if a thief steals a builder’s keys and takes off with a ute packed with tools that are not secured, as there is no evidence of violent entry. 

So for a competitive quote on Tradies Insurance and Owner Builder Construction and Liability contact BuildSafe. 

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