Bushfires and now storms season is upon us

Those who are, Building, renovating or extending are aware that we have bushfires raging in Queensland and New South Wales.

But what about Storms?

A Study by the NRMA found that in NSW in 2018 and 2019, 61% of all Home Claims were a result of Storm damage.

“Our research shows that extreme weather events will disproportionally impact different parts of the country and communities in high-risk areas, such as tropical cyclone, flood and other low-lying coastal zones, will bear the brunt of the change in risk in the future”

Storm Damage can happen anytime, anywhere and if you are not fully insured will cost you tens of thousands of dollars to repair your home.

Now due to the Bushfires, a lot of NSW and QLD are embargoed by the Insurers. (Will not offer Construction and Liability insurance) so if you had not taken out Construction and Public Liability Insurance before starting your project- you are on your own! And the risk is all yours.

Now that the Summer Storm season is about to descend upon us- have you insured your building project?

This is particularly important if you are Owner Building or D.I.Y as all Home Insurers do not cover e.g.; renovation, building projects over a minimum figure and can be as low as $2000.

You need an Owner Builder Construction and Public Liability Policy that will cover you for not only Storm Damage but also Cyclone, Flood and if renovating, contents.

Check with your Home and Contents Insurer if you are renovating to ensure you are protected and get it in writing and if you are Owner Building a new home, make sure you have coverage for not only storm damage but the unexpected, cyclone and flood.

Having been in the Owner Builder, D.I.Y market for over 30 years, we have seen the cost on Owner Builders when they are NOT fully insured.

So, protect your Home and Family when building or renovating your home- Buildsafe.

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