When cheap is expensive!

When buying Owner Builder Insurance

Everyone wants the cheapest price but in assuming all Owner Builder policies are the same will cost the Owner Builder in the event of a claim.

And why else do you buy insurance – so in the event of a claim you will be compensated?

Underwriter statistics show that (50%) of all Owner Builder claims are for burglary and the average size of a claim is $5,500.

However some brokers/insurers are offering cheaper pricing BUT lifting the excess to $1,000 & $2,000. What this means is that you, the owner builder is unaware that in the event of a claim you will receive a lot less compensation for the saving of $100 up front.

Did you buy insurance so your claims would be paid or to get a cheap, no frills, policy?

We have been offering Owner Builder insurance for over 30 years and have a minimum $500 excess so you receive maximum compensation.

Please check any quotes you receive to ensure that you understand that a higher excess ($1,000 or $2,000) does NOT protect you, and compare ‘apples v apples’ because, as you can see from the industry statistics, it is in the insurers advantage to charge a higher excess – less payout amount!

So check out ‘7 benefits that makes OUR insurance different and gives you added protection’ to see why you should buy our Owner Builder Insurance policy with its low excess!

Take advantage of out 30 years’ experience in the industry by choosing the best policy with fantastic added benefits with the lowest excess.


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