Construction and public liability insurance

Pick the right provider – Construction Insurance!

Selecting a company to supply you owner builder construction and public liability insurance is an important decision with heavy costs in time and money if you make the wrong choice.

Before you select a company and insurer, make sure they can answer YES to these critical questions.

  1. Are your sub-contractors not excluded?
  2. Is the policy extendable up to 24 months?
  3. Do they have $20,000 in tools cover?
  4. What about products/appliances stored off site?
  5. If renovating, can I cover my contents

Out policy covers all these circumstances and more

What about flood?

Plus…Consider this important issue. Does your insurance company have experience from being in owner builder insurance?  Have they been servicing owner builders since 1987 like buildSafe has?

The truth is very few companies have the right combination

  • Strong background in the owner builder industry
  • Top class insurance product backed by world leading insurers
  • Unique knowledge of owner building gained from experience
  • Supported by industry trained consultants

And even fewer can boast of over 30 plus years of experience.

Now that you are on our information rich website, look around and put us to the test and send us your details, for us to supply you price for your project.

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One comment on “Pick the right provider – Construction Insurance!

Stuart Aitken

I am an owner builder constructing with a builder a kit form granny flat of approx 40M2. The dwelling is going on a slab and is delivered “flat pack”.


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