Owner Builder COVID-19 Worksite guide

As an Owner Builder you are responsible for having a safe worksite and this is also the case for Covid-19.

The Building industry has been classified as an essential service and you (Owner Builder) are required to protect tradesmen who are coming onsite to build your home.

By planning job flows, limit that number and time on site of your tradesmen.

The following guidelines will give you and your family if you are renovating or building a new home greater peace of mind.

Generally, you will have potentially a small number of tradesmen and deliveries to your site each day, here is what we suggest you do to protect you, your family, tradesmen and suppliers.

– Check the day or night before who will be on site.

– Ring your suppliers to approximate their delivery time and mark exactly where you want the supplies dropped, inform the trades as to who is delivering what time and where they will be dropped.

– Ring the trades who will be working and make them aware of:

a) Social distancing rules. 1.5 metres, no group talks, separate lunch area. Keep your distance!

b) Hygiene, have available soap or alcohol sanitizer for their use.

c) Post Government posters on the above.

The more often you are onsite to ensure compliance will ensure that your project flows seamlessly and you achieve the home you always wanted.

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